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Hidden Concert is a company founded in Vienna focused on innovative concerts, which provide the audience with a unique experience of musical immersion in the life and work of the greatest composers in history. 

Following the traditions of a classical concert, but seeking to offer the audience an even deeper experience of the works to be performed, we have inserted a theatrical spectacle in the concert.

The creation of Storytelling Concert arose when we wanted to present beyond the music, focusing also on the life of the great composers and bringing to the stage their human side, their vision, perception and sensitivity, which directly influenced the way their works were composed.

Uniting music and theater, we select the repertoire of a specific composer and other varied ones, but which have a direct historical relationship with the main character. In this way, the composer himself - represented by an actor - becomes the host of the evening, appearing to talk to the audience, tell about his own life and explain some of his works, providing in a lighthearted way a true musical immersion.



A Storytelling Concert ​

Historical Immersion ​

Concerts with highly qualified musicians




Ein wahres Eintauchen in das Leben und die Seele Mozarts, eines der besten Programme!

A.W. - Munich, Germany

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